Numerous countries have begun restricting the rights of spiritual minorities, including the use of web filters to censor alternative spiritual information on the internet. This effort has been described on as a war on consciousness, in which freedom of belief and freedom to seek and impart information are being gradually eroded. On this website, our goal is to call attention to these efforts, to help unite concerned citizens into action against them, to analyze and reveal the dark agendas behind them, and to promote the benefits of alternative spirituality. If you have news of efforts to censor spirituality, please contact us to report it.

Belsebuub dot com was one of the first websites to highlight an Orwellian attempt to censor spiritual information in the UK. This occurred in 2013, when the government of UK Prime Minister David Cameron made headlines mandating that British ISPs implement restrictive web filters, justifying the edict with concerns over children being exposed to inappropriate information…
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UK Web Filter of Esoteric Content

New Infographic: UK Filter to Block ‘Esoteric Material’

Can you imagine a world where access to spiritual information was blocked by the government? Although it may sound like dystopian science fiction, this policy has been effectively implemented in the UK. Using the guise of protecting children from harmful information, the British government has mandated all UK ISPs to introduce web filters that block an ambiguous array of websites.... Read More →