Reaching Light is a space for light to shine on a variety of spiritual themes, from freedom of religion and belief, to personal experiences of the mystical.

This site was originally established in 2013 in response to an article written on Belsebuub dot com, which highlighted the growing suppression of alternative spirituality in the UK through the introduction of web filtering. When former prime minister David Cameron announced new policy mandating ISPs implement the filtering, one of the categories set to be automatically blocked was “Alternative Spirituality/ Occult”.

Classified as “Adult Content” alongside other categories such as pornography and weapons, this method of filtering placed a stigma upon alternative spirituality as a valid choice for people, and Belsebuub dot com’s article highlighted how spiritual options were being removed from thousands of people without them even knowing. On top of the web filtering, incremental smothering of spiritual freedom in the western world has coincided with the rise of the anti-cult movement over the last several decades, which marginalizes any behaviors or groups that don’t fit in with the norms of society — and is especially harmful to alternative spiritual groups.

Reaching Light supports people’s innate right to choose what they want for themselves spiritually, whether it’s being part of a well-established organized religion, a grass-roots alternative spiritual group, or anything in between. This site recognizes the value of esoteric knowledge in understanding the wider picture of reality, and the purpose of one’s life. This site also recognizes the difference between esoteric knowledge that is gained for purposes of light and esoteric knowledge gained for purposes of darkness, and supports having that distinction made clear rather than lumping all conversation about the occult or esotericism into the the dark category.

In addition to promoting freedom of religion, Reaching Light also serves another main purpose — to be a gathering place for personal experiences and research related to spiritual phenomenon. Recognizing that inspiration can be found in learning from other people’s search for the spiritual, you’ll find personal experience articles related to dreams, astral travel, awareness, consciousness, mystical phenomenon, psychic faculties, and the occasional review of spiritual books as well.